About us

Antex is a young and ambitious project that enables any person to start working with a cryptocurrency, because with Antex it's very easy!

The founders of the Antex project started operating in mid-2012, when not so many people knew about the sphere of crypto-currencies, and fewer investors who understood the risks of investing in this sphere.

When we created the first mining farms, we have always sought to find optimal and profitable solutions in the mining, both for ourselves and for those with whom we communicate, and works.
Now we want to share our experience with others. Of course, all sounds very nice, but we do understand why we're here.

Yes, the primary goal is the earnings of the crypto currency, what exactly is in Antex we are focused on.
Analyzing the situation in the field of cloud mining, we came to the conclusion that a lot of projects go into oblivion (the lack of a budget for promotion,
the desire to deceive someone in order to earn more than someone else, etc.), and therefore decided to go out into the world with our project called Antex.

Working together, we can create good conditions for earning, because we have experience working with companies where you can rent servers for mining, and it's not only for "big bosses",
but also individuals that we know and have been tested for years. In addition, our goal is also the development of the community in the field of cryptocurrency, in general.

For this we have created good partnership conditions (bonuses for partnership, bonuses for work in social networks),
but we are not going to stop here and are ready to work together with you to create a good, high-quality and profitability project!

Please write all the questions to us via web form or to support e-mail antex.cloud@gmail.com