1. How to start working with the Antex system?

  2. To get started with Antex.cloud, you can go to the page https://antex.cloud/starting and view all the items from A to Z.

  3. Where can I find out about all the news of the Antex project?

  4. You can do this on the news page or in social networks, links to which you can always find at the bottom of our site (Twitter, Facebook and others).

  5. How can I do view my account activity history?

  6. You can do this on the History page https://antex.cloud/history.

  7. How can I change general information about my account or set a different password?

  8. You can click on your login in the upper right corner or go directly to the Edit profile page https://antex.cloud/settings.

  9. How long does it take to receive an answer from Antex technical support?

  10. It all depends on the load on requests for our tech. support. We can guarantee that your request will be processed within 24 hours.


  1. What is the minimum amount for an investment in cloud mining Antex?

  2. The minimum amount for investments in our project is 5$.

  3. What is the minimum amount to withdraw from the Antex cryptocurrency?

  4. We made a conclusion of the crypto currency as convenient as possible for you. In order to withdraw the coins that you obtained from us, you just need to specify the amount that will be the equivalent at the time of withdrawal of 15 dollars, or higher.

  5. Which payment systems does Antex.cloud accept?

  6. With us, you can invest your money, either with the help of any crypto currency (which is available for mining), and with the help of well-known payment systems Payeer or Perfect Money.

  7. How long does it take to withdraw funds (crypto) into your wallet?

  8. From the moment of the request to the beginning of the withdrawal of your funds can pass no more than 24 hours, if the download to our department of finance is small, it is much faster. Do not forget that in order for the funds to be credited to your wallet, you must wait for confirmation in the network of the displayed crypto currency.

  9. How do you withdraw funds from Antex.cloud?

  10. The withdrawal of your coins is done manually, in order to avoid various mistakes. In the withdrawal of large amounts, we can contact you to confirm the withdrawal. Now we are already working on two-stage authorization, which will make the conclusion much safer.

  11. Can I withdraw the received crypto currency to Payeer or Perfect Money?

  12. Alas, cloud mining does not provide the ability to quickly exchange crypto currency, which you can earn from us on Payeer and Perfect Money payment systems.

  13. What is the maximum amount for an investment in cloud mining?

  14. It all depends on the cost of the equipment that we rent. The current maximum amount for the investment you can see on the main page of our site, moving the slider to the extreme right position.

  15. What is the return on the Antex?

  16. The complexity of obtaining crypto currency is constantly growing, like the equipment itself (do not forget about its maintenance), because the percentage is constantly varying. We try to keep it within the limits of 0.5%, if possible.

  17. Is it possible to transfer funds manually to the purse that the Coinpayments system issued to you the next time?

  18. No! In this case, you will not receive your funds to your account in the Antex system. Replenishment must be made only through our website, in automatic mode.

  19. Can I rent equipment for mining without investment?

  20. This option is possible only if you have a good partner base, because you receive 15% of the amount of investments of its partners.


  1. What equipment is used to obtain crypto currency?

  2. Due to the fact that Antex makes it possible to produce many different crypto-currencies, mining takes place on different equipment.

  3. Where are the servers for Antex crypto currency management?

  4. We do not want to disclose this information. It is quite obvious that we rent our servers in large companies, but sometimes these are also private intermediaries (if this is profitable).

  5. What kind of crypto currency can I earn with Antex.cloud?

  6. Currently, BTC, LTC, DOGE, ETH, XMR, DASH, ZEC, XRP are available.

  7. For how long can I buy a contract for equipment rent?

  8. We sign a contract for exactly 2 years. If the complexity of obtaining crypto currency will grow and it will not be profitable, then we will revise our agreement, and all users will be informed about this on the news page.

  9. I need to always sit on the site so that I can mine the crypto currency?

  10. No. It was for this purpose that Antex.cloud was created, because in the cloud-mining from our system you can use the convenient interface to earn crypto currency even bothering with the purchase of expensive equipment and constant stay on the site.


  1. How to become a partner in the Antex.cloud system?

  2. All information on this issue is available on the Partners page https://antex.cloud/partners.

  3. How much will you earn from the investments of your partners?

  4. We give the opportunity to earn you 15% of the amount of investments of your partners.

  5. Is it possible to get more % if you have a good partner base?

  6. Of course. We are always interested in cooperation with investors who have many partners.

Bonus system

    With our bonus system you can fully read on the page: https://antex.cloud/specials

You can always get answers to all the missing questions by contacting our support service, which is available at: https://antex.cloud/support or you can write to us directly via Telegram and E-mail (this information can be found at the bottom of each page system Antex.cloud).