Terms of service



This page was created in order to make a harmonious and friendly connection between users (investors) and the Antex administration. We do not intend to hide our methods of work and plans for the use of your data


What data does Antex use?

Antex collects data about your purse address - for payment of coins, your e-mail address - for communication with you in order to clarify various technical or financial issues. We do not believe that collecting this data will harm you and your reputation, we are only trying to make our service better and better. The list of data that Antex uses is not exhaustive and can be changed at any time.


When do we collect your data?

We collect your data from the moment of registration on the site. By agreeing to our terms and conditions, you agree to collect data from your account in order to improve the quality of service in Antex.cloud


Can your data fall into the wrong hands?

Antex employs a professional team of developers and administrators who provide the best quality solutions for protection and processing in a secure environment of your data.


Does Antex bear responsibility for the actions of the administration of third parties?

We just recommend the use of some online resources to make your work with Antex more productive. We can not guarantee that the administration of sites that we recommend will always provide their services of the same quality as when we started our cooperation with them.


What is the age limit for using the site?

Antex.cloud does not set age limits for the use of this cloud-mining system.


Can I use Antex if cloud-based mining and crypto-currencies are prohibited in my country?

We are not responsible for the actions of investors in other countries. If such companies are prohibited within the borders of your state, we can not help you and do not encourage you to circumvent these restrictions using VPN or special browsers of the type "Tor".


Can someone find out my data with a request through those. support or administration of Antex?

Antex never gives out information about its users, even whether a person registered on the site or not. Not to mention his income and the amount of payment for equipment rent.


If you have any questions, we are always happy to answer them through our technical support.

Contact us: https://antex.cloud/support